Monday, 29 June 2009


Interested in Content and Language Integrated Learning? Not quite sure what it is? There are now a number of schools across the country who are experimenting with delivering whole subject areas at KS3 in a Modern Foreign Language - immersion. Chenderit School in Northamptonshire is one such school. This link takes you to a video case study:

You could also google Willink School in Berkshire & Elliott School, London to see what they are doing on their webpages.

Schools embark on CLIL in order to engage and challenge learners, to raise expectations, to use language for real purpose, to develop different kinds of language and to develop language learning skills, among several other things. If you are considering starting on a smaller scale, the links to the resource banks below will hopefully give you access to plenty of materials to encourage you and to start you off...

Just choose a subject area and follow the links.

Happy working!